Cross DJ Remote

Remote control on iPhone & iPod Touch

Cross DJ Remote is an application for iPhone / iPod Touch designed to remotely control Cross / Cross DJ / Cross DJ Free software, using a WiFi connection. When you connect your iPod Touch or iPhone and computer with Cross DJ Remote in a club, you can leave the DJ booth and go dance with the crowd while keeping control of the mix. At home, you can chill on your couch and mix with audio effects, switch to another track, create loop, locators etc. Cross DJ Remote iPhone does not require an internet connection: it works by simply creating a network between your computer and your iPad.  

With your remote, control these features on your desktop :

  • FX, automatic loops, locators and more
  • Pitch Bend
  • Preview playing of track before loading in player
  • Precise beat matching system
  • Audio FX
  • Cross-fader, volume and pitch sliders
  • Jog wheels for scratch
  • Seamless responsiveness for precise mixing and scratching.
  • Track info display (name, time, BPM, pitch…)
  • Track browsing, synchronized with Cross DJ