Akai MPC Live with Remixlive

We have joined forces with Akai Professional in a new video on their main channel, to showcase their MPC Live’s unique sync abilities taking advantage of Ableton Live! The video that resulted shows MPC Live with Remixlive working in tandem.


Akai released their MPC Live a few months ago, but they recently made a video to present the new capabilities made possible by the new firmware update… This video shows their brand new MPC Live with Remixlive, and has been created to show what this new update can do!

This update allows the device to be compatible with the Ableton Link technology. This feature allows it to be compatible with any Link-compatible app, including Remixlive as the video demonstrates. The groundbreaking thing about this is that this is the first time that Ableton Link has been made available on a hardware product instead of an app!

Ableton Link makes it easier to jam with friends in complete sync: no wires required, just activate Link and share the same tempo between compatible app on several devices.

Take a look at the video below and be sure to try out the new MPC Live at a music shop near you if you have the chance!