Beat Snap 2.0: Step sequencer introduction

Today is a big day for music lovers and composers.

Since we’ve released the first version of Beat Snap a few months ago things have gone crazy. We have received lots of feedbacks, love, feature requests…  And one of the main thing you have been asking for is a cool tool to go further into composition within Beat Snap. This is why we are proud and happy to introduce you to the brand new Step sequencer!  You can now enjoy composing your music in a new fun and intuitive way. The step sequencer is a classic tool since computers became big in the music industry and it will soon become your favorite thing. Not matter what kind of music you want to play, trap, hip-hop, house,… just try things, be original. You musical talent is at your fingertips now.

Wanna see what it looks like and how to use it to create beats? Check this out ?

And it doesn’t end up here. This major update of Beat Snap 2.0 now gives you the opportunity to create up to 32 sequences to compose complete songs. Copy/paste/erase/edit your sequences to produce real tracks. It’s now even easier to share them! Just export your compositions in a sec and impress your friends and your community.

Hope you guys will love this brand new version of Beat Snap. Keep sharing your love and send us your feedbacks and requests!

Want to now more about Beat Snap? There you go!

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