Discover the new Artist Pack by Baja Frequencia!

Remix “O galop” with this Global Bass pack 🤩

This sample pack is extracted from our track “O galop” which is a crossover banger between brazilian funk, techno, trap & gabber.
This track is representative of the musical universe that we create.

Our pair of Marseillais Pyrotechnists excels at taking you on an actual world tour with their explosive live set and the richness of their sound. With “Catzilla”, their first EP signed to Chinese Man Records, Azuleski and Goodjiu dared pairing traditional music with electronic/club sounds.

The group then released their first album in 2019, on which they invited artists from all over America such as La Dame Blanche (Cuba), Fauuna (Argentina), or La Perla (Colombia).

These collaborations now allow them to embark on a South America tour, where they take the opportunity to exchange and work with local artists…

Give it a listen below!

Mid Tempo sample pack by Baja Frequencia

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