Type Beat – Auto voice Tune

Sing and Rap over #1 type beats ?

Choose between many high-quality beats in the Type Beat collection, and tune your voice using a powerful auto voice tune.
Record your voice over the type beats within a minute and share it with your friends!

Large Type Beats collection

  • High quality samples and stems created by top sound designers
  • Royalty-free type beats
  • And more to come..

Rap over exclusive content

  • Type beats inspired by top hip-hop and pop artists around the world
  • Unique & exclusive type beats collection

Auto voice Tune & FX

  • Record your voice with real-time audio effects that include a pro auto voice tune
  • Use pitch control, reverb and compressor effects
  • Type Beat determines the key of the track and auto pitch your voice with the good key

Royalty-free Type beats

  • Whenever you create a track, you own the copyrights
  • No limitation, create as many tracks as you want!

Mix your track

  • Tweak your performance with the stems high-quality packs
  • Stem files with extensive control over the instrumentals: mute or change the volume of the different elements of the track

Record and Share

  • Record your performance over our royalty-free beats
  • Share your songs on Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, …

Download Type Beat

Type Beat - Auto voice Tune