Tutorial Series

An overview of Remixlive

Begin your musical journey with Remixlive! This tutorial by producer Nadia Struiwigh provides a comprehensive overview of all the different views and how to seamlessly navigate between them.

The Loop View

Dive into Remixlive's Loop View! Launch loops, edit, record, and find inspiring samples. Master the Loop View and unleash your creativity! Access diverse styles and mix samples from the library.

The Drum Grid

Unleash creativity with Remixlive's Drum Grid tutorial! Unlock unique beats and melodies, gaining versatility in your music journey. Discover Remixlive's potential!

The Sequence View

Experience the captivating power of the sequencer in Remixlive! Unleash your creativity, combine sounds, and build new structures. Start exploring and share your amazing creations with us @remixliveapp!

AI Remix

Join Nadia as she demonstrates the usage of AI Remix on her own track. Any audio file can serve as the foundation of an AI Remix project. Explore endless possibilities and create unique hybrids!

Live Set

In this tutorial, Nadia compiles previous concepts, demonstrating the Live Set feature's power. Once you begin creating a Live Set with your samples, it's hard to stop playing!

MIDI Control

Discover how to connect and map your MIDI controller. Create seamless live performances using your own hardware to control Remixlive. Learn setup tips and maximize your potential in a live setting!

Import Samples

Learn all about samples in Remixlive! Follow Nadia's guidance to import, tune, and organize your sounds. Master recording and efficient sample management.

Recording Modes

Learn all about Remixlive's recording mode! Save, edit, arrange your tracks in the timeline mode with professional precision and share your music with the world!

Song Mode

Master the features of Remixlive and create a complete track from start to finish with this ultimate tutorial! Unleash your creativity and produce music like never before.