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Electro Hip-Hop by Senbeï

Half of Smokey Joe & The Kid, Senbeï is a productive beatmaker, videographer and film buff, passionate about japanese culture.
Senbei has been producing a singular hip-hop tinged with asian sounds and electronic textures for over a decade.

« What fascinates me about Japan, are not that much the Zen gardens or even Buddhism but more the apocalyptic universe of Akira, the dark and tough Japan of Takeshi Kitano and the Kurosawa’s wonderland». Senbeï

In December 2016, he fulfilled his dream by flying to Tokyo. He met there Dj Kentaro and japanese MC ShingO2 (who produced the soundtrack of the cult manga Samuraï Champloo), pushed the doors of the most surprising clubs of Shibuya, got lost in the arcades, attends video games music symphonic gigs, … and still managed to record some of the best traditional instrumentalists of Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Niko or Ichigenkin.

For the first time Remixlive offers you a unique experience with the possibility of remixing your favorite artist. We are proud to present the Senbeï’s Artist Signature Pack including the flagship track “Lucy” from his last album “Ningyo” (Banzai Lab records). Amateur of Hip Hop beats, massive bass and Asian sounds, this pack is for you !

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Artist signature sample pack by Senbeï

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