NEW SOUND PACK: Dusty sample-based East Coast Rap beats 🗽


“Boom bap, boom boom bap”: that’s the sound of classic 80/90s East-Coast Rap! The name of this Hip-Hop subgenre comes directly from the sound of a basic 4/4 kick & snare drum beat, “boom” being the kick and “bap”, the snare. Popularized by some of the biggest names in the game such as Nas, Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest and Mobb Deep to name a few, it’s your turn to create some dope dusty sample-based Rap beats!

Hard hitting drum loops with “in your face” kicks & snappy acoustic snares, simple yet effective bass lines, jazzy sampled melodies, and classic FX one-shots are all to be discovered within this sample pack. Go compose your own Boom Bap beats with the Step-Sequencer, play dope melodies with the Live Keyboard and combine them all into a track using the Song Mode!

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