Better Live-Set & Workflow | Remixlive 6.6


Our 6.6 update for Remixlive is all about bringing improvements and refinements to existing features, including a major upgrade for the popular Live-Set feature. Live-Set was introduced back in 6.3 and allows you to seemlessly switch between two packs on the fly while keeping loops playing for continuous play.

With 6.6, we've further enhanced this feature, making it an essential part of the Remixlive toolset.

Here's what you will find in Remixlive 6.6:

• Create live set playlists to prepare which projects you're going to play in advance: organize live sets by filing projects in the preferred order

• Live set recording: you can now record across projects and capture your entire live performance right inside Remixlive

• AI-assisted match to find the perfect transitions and help you build a smooth live set structure

• Revamped dashboard view and store: easier than ever to find what you're looking for with improved navigation of the store and a brand new dashboard page

• New main view UI: enhanced UI including larger buttons and master output VU meter/level slider

Just like the previous versions, Remixlive 6.6 includes performance improvements and bug fixes to keep your music-making experience a smooth ride. Have fun performing with Remixlive 6.6!

Watch the release video here :