How to set up your MIDI controller 🎛 I Remixlive Tutorial


In this video we will show you how to set up and map a MIDI controller with your device.

In less than five minutes you’ll be able to create music & perform live using your controller and the Remixlive app!

With the 6.5 update we have brought one of our most often requested features into Remixlive: MIDI compatibility. Thanks to this new feature we are opening up Remixlive as a live performance tool, whether you are using Remixlive on your tablet, phone or laptop, start creating today!

Here are the details of this new MIDI Control feature:
• Control all the different parts of Remixlive using your own MIDI controller (a few mappings are already included for the most popular options)
• Easy and intuitive quick mapping feature, and manual mapping to make Remixlive compatible with any MIDI controller that your device can communicate with
• Works across devices, including phones, tablets and Mac laptops

We hope you will enjoy this tutorial and all this new version has in store! Have fun!