Remix and play in tune 🔊 I Remixlive 7.3

Remixlive version 7.3 comes with everyone's most requested feature, Global Key Matching! Always stay in harmony while mixing your Packs together!

We’re so glad to have such an engaged community!

Following your reviews and feedback, the new update includes:
- A new Global Key Match feature that tunes all of your Soundpacks and Projects to the same tonality
- A revamped UI of the Tempo menu (now containing Key and Sync options)
- A new Master Clock menu for easier access to the playback options and the metronome
- The ability to assign a Key and Genre to your own projects
- The ability to sort and search for your Projects by Key in the Projects view (iOS)As always, this new version also includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make your music-making experience as enjoyable as possible.We're looking forward to see what you can create with Remixlive 7.3!

Check out the release video here!