Brand new AI import & FX's! | Remixlive 6.4

Our 6.4 update is focused on giving our community of creators a smoother experience and bringing refinements to Remixlive's set of creative tools.

The new update includes a lot of improvements that will help you to create more efficiently and faster.

These include:

• AI-powered sample import (Apple devices only): our new AI engine for importing samples takes advantage of Apple's neural engine, in order to automatically classify samples according to categories, sounds and BPM

• Export stems: you can now export the separate tracks from the Song view in a variety of formats, sample rates and bit depths for importing easily in the DAW of your choice or for use in a DJ software

• Loop points in Song view: add loop points in the timeline to loop portions of the song to more easily refine parts of your song

• Six new effects: Analog LP, Band Crusher, Disco Vapor, Dream Comb, Dusty LP, Haunted Flanger

• Various improvements: Tap Tempo button in BPM panel, Sequence record preview & fast access in Drum Grid, Live Set toggle button for projects

These improvements, associated with all the small fixes and UI enhancements that were added help make this new update even smoother and fun to use than before.