RHINO – Electric Hip-Hop

$ 9.99


RHINO aka FADE is a big fan of MPCs, Samplers and Controllers, he is considered one of the best pad performers in Europe.

Member of the Hip Hop group “ASM“, RHINO has become well known for his remixes for Chinese Man, Deluxe, L’Entourloop and Chill Bump and collaborations that include, MF DOOM, SOOM T, DJ VADIM, to name but a few.

Born in England but raised in Germany, he discovered a diverse range of music while studying at an international school. In 2006 he moved to Liverpool and became resident DJ at the mythic Magnet Club. After that, he launched his Hip Hop project ASM (A State of Mind) with childhood friends FP & GREEN T.

After an extensive ASM tour, he moved permanently to France in 2012 where he created his second successful project JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS alongside BLANKA (La Fine Equipe).

Watch Rhino performing his own pack: Here