Remixlive 3.2: full iOS 11 compatibility

Featuring full iOS 11 compatibility, Remixlive 3.2 adds iOS 11’s brand new Drag and Drop feature, letting you exchange files with compatible apps quicker than ever.

The new update of Remixlive brings Drag and Drop and file management features (thanks to the new Files app), effectively providing full iOS 11 compatibility. These features opens broader creative possibilities for DJs and producers owning hundreds of files.

Drag and Drop provides a simple way to move samples, recordings and packs between Files and Remixlive. Sounds stored locally or on cloud services can be dragged directly onto the grid.

Mixvibes’ DJing app Cross DJ also receives Drag and Drop, adding the option to export looped sections of a track. Cross DJ and Remixlive can thus be combined into a mobile live sampling setup: loop a track in Cross DJ, drag the loop in Remixlive and let the beat drop!