Remixlive 4 is available now!

Remix and sample music

Remixlive 4’s all-new sample edit feature makes sampling and remixing more intuitive than ever before.

This new version of Remixlive comes with top-notch features that allow you to import tracks, regardless of their length, and edit them with great precision, expanding the remix possibilities.

Import songs you wish to sample and create loops and one-shots from them, directly in the app. Adjust them and make your own grid full of samples ready to be played. Shape your sounds with smooth fade-ins/outs, snap your selection to the original grid for perfect loops — or edit the BPM to stay perfectly on the beat.

Remixlive 4 is out now so make sure you update your app!

And here’s our update presentation video to get you in the mood ?

Check it out now on iOS and very soon on Android:

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