Remixlive 5.2 is out!

What’s new on the app?

On this new update, you’ll find:

· New displays for new comers, to get you started the easiest way!
· A free trial for monthly subscription, to let you try everything you wish.
· Many bug fixes inside the app, around all the features:

  • Fix loop needle position when adjusting sample grid.
  • Fix master recording with clock stopped quantize.
  • Fix import sample BPM auto-detection.
  • Fix sample import / bpm keyboard issues.
  • Fix beatcount/bpm formating in sample browser.
  • Fix potential master record overwritte.
  • Fix sample duration in pad edit waveform.
  • Fix potential issue when buying a pack previously downloaded with a now cancelled subscription.
  • Fix load by drag&drop on empty pad.
  • Fix pad sequence load by drag&drop.
  • Fix potential sample browser view state issue.
  • Fix import success alert to open user tab.
  • Fix case insensitive sorting to user samples.
  • Fix potential crash when loading a corrupt sample.
  • Fix sample preview while clock is paused.

Try it out, for free!

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