Files: Remixlive and Cross DJ together

Wondering how to use Apple’s new Files app in tandem with Remixlive and Cross DJ? Don’t panic, we’re here to give you some tips.


iOS 11 introduced several improvements to Apple’s mobile operating system. In conjunction with the release of the new version, we’ve worked hard to introduce compatibility between Apple’s Files, Remixlive and Cross DJ.

This lets you drop files into the Remixlive workspace and import several samples at once. That way you aren’t losing time… or inspiration! To do so, you just have to open the Files app, select the samples you want to import and drag and drop them into Remixlive.

In addition of that, Remixlive and Cross DJ work hand in hand and broaden your scope of action. For example, if you open Cross DJ in slide over while Remixlive is playing you can loop a track in Cross DJ and import the loop into Remixlive. That import process is made seamless with the Drag & Drop feature.

Last but not least,  you don’t need iTunes anymore to transfer a pack from one device to another as you can now import an entire sample pack from Files into Remixlive.

Take a look at the video below for further information!