Sample Packs Series: Afro House & Warehouse Acid

Sample pack series is a series of articles taking a look at the two latest sample packs released in Remixlive. This week, Afro House & Warehouse Acid!

Afro House is a subgenre of House music. As its name shows it, it takes its roots into traditional and popular african music.

Most Afro House tracks consist in a subtle mix of percussions, voices sampled from traditional african songs and traditional african instruments (djembe/djembe, kalimba, marimba, kora…) alongside groovy kicks and snares.

At the beginning Afro House was known as Tribal House, a genre that rose up with european DJs playing african songs with House music during their sets. The movement became popular and moved towards a style embodied by true african artists such as Dele Sosomi Afrobeat Orchestra.

As you know, words are usually not enough to describe music. Therefore, we picked two african House anthems for anyone seeking to dive into the genre.


Warehouse Acid is a pack inspired in large part by the raw, late-1980s and early-1990s Acid House sound, featuring booming 909 drums, hardcore-inspired breaks and of course a large helping of acid basslines provided by the always reliable Roland TB-303. To think that this machine was initially marketed for guitarists as a replacement for a bass player for guitar practice! In the wake of its release, it gave birth to a whole new genre.

Since its beginning, Acid House has shifted more and more towards techno, and this is where this Warehouse Acid pack comes in, in that it features prominently a number of harder-edged techno stylings alongside the more traditional 303 licks, as well as some more roomy ambience. This type of blending of Warehouse Techno and Acid House is exemplified in more recent productions, which helped inspired the Warehouse Acid pack.

As such, this pack represents a genre that is at the crossroads of the classic Acid House sound and the more recent developments of Techno, including some moodier synths soaked in reverb and processing, as if they were played, quite aptly, at a warehouse rave.



Afro House & Warehouse Acid are both available now for purchase in Remixlive, on iOS, Android, Mac and PC.