80’s Synthwave Performance

Synthwave music: a one way ticket the 80’s nostalgia at 88mph ?

Everyone knows Stranger Things, one of the biggest success on the streaming platform Netflix. More than its great scenario and cool teen actors, what made its success is the retro vibe that is one of the main aspect of the show. It’s all about arcade video games, riding bikes, 80’s looks and an amazing Synthwave soundtrack. With this latest sound pack Stranger Scenes, we wanted to pay tribute to the show and to this electronic genre directly influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games.

The Synthwave has been famous for a while but made its big comeback in the mid 2000’s on the Internet. It then literally exploded with the great release of Kavinsky’s Nightcall for the movie Drive. And what better a soundtrack for such a movie than a retro Synthwave tune that takes you back to 80’s action movies and fast driving video games?

So check out Manu’s live finger drumming performance of Beat Snap‘s Stranger Scene.

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