Our top 10 tracks: September 2017

While at work, we enjoy listening to loads of new music. That is why we have decided that the Mixvibes staff will pick their ten favorite tracks of every months for your enjoyment, starting with September. Check these out and perhaps you’ll discover new sounds!


Steffi – The Meaning Of Memory

Label: Ostgut Ton | Style: Deep Techno

Steffi’s latest album for Ostgut Ton, World of the Waking State, is somewhat of a departure, offering vast melodic vistas closer in style to IDM or old school braindance than techno, while retaining her impeccable knack for sound design and structure. The Meaning of Memory is one of the album’s peaks, with airy synths ebbing and flowing over the course of the track, underpinned by solid drum programming.


Kink – Perth

Label: Running Back | Style: House

The first single off of Kink’s upcoming album Playground (only the second LP in his storied carrier) is a pitch-perfect peak-time house anthem with bottomless kick drums, delightful shakers and some of the most bombastic horn leads we’ve heard in a while. Play this one loud!


Beatrice Dillon & Call Super – Fluo

Label: Hessle Audio | Style: Minimal Techno

This two-tracker from producer extraordinaire Beatrice Dillon and sought-after DJ Call Super (aka. Hessle Audio’s “other Joe”) weaves intricate and precise sounds into hard-to-decipher minimalist techno that is more interested in messing with your mind than your legs. B-side Fluo is the more subtle and mysterious of the two, which makes the cut here thanks to its mix of dynamic percussion and Dillon’s usual striking woodwind solos.


Errorsmith – I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable

Label: PAN | Style: Experimental Club Music

Nearly 15 years after Near Disco Dawn, Errorsmith is poised to release a new studio album in October, with lead single I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable laying out an unusually straightforward display of clubby pyrotechnics from a producer normally accustomed to treating the dancefloor as a terrain for ultra-abstract rhythmic explorations. And it’s quite awesome indeed.


R-A-G – Dreadfully Nervous (Aryd’s Acid Mix)

Label: M>O>S Recordings | Style: Acid House

M>O>S regulars R-A-G have come out with what is essentially the punchiest acid house track we’ve heard all year. Replete with saturated 808 drums, sinister pitched-down vocals whose presence enhance the atmosphere more than provide any kind of discernible narrative, and of course a propelling and hypnotic 303 bassline that provides the only melodic element of the track and is going to stay in your head for days. Guaranteed floor-burner.


KH – Question

Label: Text | Style: House

This latest track from genius producer Four Tet under his alias KH has been a regular fixture on our playlist this month. This subtle but ultra-efficient mix of sexy soul vocals & palm-muted guitar riffs will make you dance for sure. Unfortunately though, as with most of Four Tet’s limited outings, if you want to get the wax it will cost you a pretty penny, with an insanely limited print run of 100 copies only!


Radio Slave – Trans

Label: Rekids | Style: Techno

Matt Edwards has also landed on our radar this month with Feel the Same, his very first album under the Radio Slave alias, unbelievably as his first 12″ under that name dates back to 2004! On it he offers us beautiful techno tracks such as Trans, weaving paranoid lead synths against samples of chanting crowds and monolithic driving drum stabs. Clearly the product of years of experience from the Rekids head-honcho.


Weast – About You

Label: Velours Records | Style: Deep House

This gem coming from young Italian producer named Weast (keep an eye on him, you won’t be disappointed) makes up the a-side of the About You EP, the very first release on Velours Records, the newly-founded vinyl offshoot of Luvless. With its warm strings and lush organ lines, About You is sure to bring you massive positive vibes that will make your day!


Folamour – Devoted to U

Label: Moonrise Hill Material | Style: House

Folamour is back with a new LP called Umami on the trendy Moonrise Hill Material record label, co-founded by Ethyène, Kaffe Crème, Okwa and Folamour himself. This excellent album inspired by Japanese culture (“umami” is one of the five “tastes” of food, and a loanword from Japanese) is a perfect blend of house samples, disco swing and future jazz. Devoted to U is a classy, soulful house number with an incredibly catchy vocal hook. Nobody can stop the french producer…


Cody Currie – Infinity I & II

Label: Razor-N-Tape | Style: Disco House

A wondrous mixture of shuffling live drums, soapy Rhodes and chirping bird sounds, this banger is produced by Cody Currie, for his Movin’ Smoke EP on Brooklyn’s own Razor-N-Tape is a demonstration in classic house sounds done right. Steadily building and maintaining a soft tension through its run, Infinity I & II represents sampling at its finest!



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See you next month!