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“The arrival of Cross DJ 4 is a breath of fresh air.”

“The temptation is to throw myself into Cross DJ 4 and play for a few days. And at some point I will.”

“Powerful and forward-thinking…”

“This is pretty powerful”

Introducing Cross DJ 4, the upgraded DJ experience

Experience a brand new, simpler and more intuitive interface. The Cover View collection allows for easier access to your tracks. The UI is now customizable using Maquillage, our brand new script technology: make Cross DJ 4 look exactly how you like it. Never feel confused, Cross DJ is now unified across platforms, whether you are rocking a touch screen or a Retina screen.

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Mix tracks from SoundCloud

Mix music from Soundcloud

Thanks to the acclaimed streaming platform Soundcloud, you can add millions of tracks to your collection for a truly upgraded DJ experience.

Watch Cross DJ 4 tutorials in our Playlist.

4 player

Unique audio effect engine

Make every mix unique. You can play with 4 player waveforms at the same time and add 3 synchronized audio effects per player. You can also create your own effects using the Tweaker.


Autoplay improvements 

Cross DJ has become a true DJ’s assistant, thanks to the improved Autoplay feature. In addition to new transitions, we have added a brand new option called Track Analysis: Autoplay can now recognize the intro, outro and the best parts of your favorite tracks.

Import export

Import/Export from major DJ software

No more headaches at the DJ booth: you can now export to a master universal USB flash drive from Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ.

Watch Cross DJ 4 tutorials in our Playlist.

4 players

Smart music collection

Cross DJ now integrates with all the tools needed for a pro DJ software: retrieve iTunes’ collection and playlists directly from within Cross DJ ; import hot cues, loops and playlists from Rekordbox, Traktor and Virtual DJ libraries.

Find what you played last night in the history section. Create smart playlists that can be updated automatically.

Mix on a pro DJ software

A wide range of MIDI controllers

Since DJing is about twisting knobs and pushing faders, Cross DJ makes it possible to combine DJ software and hardware into one solution with over 80 natively supported controllers. You can also edit and create custom mappings with MIDI learnNew remote app for iOS & Android

Click here for the list of all compatible MIDI controllers for each version of Cross.


A cross-platform DJ software

Cross DJ is the first DJ software available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

Whether mixing on the go or on stage, Cross DJ provides all the essential features of a pro DJ software.

Ableton Link integration

Turn on Ableton Link and join the jam! Enable Ableton Link with a single click and sync several compatible apps over the same WiFi network.

Ableton Link is included in the iOS, Android, Mac and PC versions of Cross DJ, Remixlive and Remixvideo. You can use the three pieces of software together for endless mixing, remixing and creative possibilities.

Video DJing reinvented*

Play video like audio files, or sync video to audio using Cross’s built-in Video sampler. You can load webcam input into the sampler pads among other things.

Thanks to the integration of the Syphon/Spout technologies, you can also send the video output to other compatible apps, as well as to a secondary screen.

*Video features only available in desktop version of Cross DJ Pro

CDJ control with HID integration*

Enjoy the most advanced HID integration of any DJ software and control Cross DJ using your own Pioneer CDJ.

All you need is two USB cables and your computer and every button of the CDJ is mapped. Read more here about how to set up.

*HID feature only available in desktop version of Cross DJ Pro


Vinyl control*

Cross can be controlled using timecode vinyl records or CDs. DVS is a plug and play technology, and supports absolute and relative modes.

A typical DVS setup requires two timecode records or CDs, as well as a soundcard. Timecode vinyl is available for purchase from our shop. Cross is compatible with any soundcard that works on your computer.

*DVS features only available in desktop version of Cross DJ Pro

Guilty Simpson

Stones Throw

“Great software that I recommend to anyone!!
Software being user friendly is very important to me because I’m just starting out and Cross DJ and Remixlive both fit the bill! I’m very thankful for this amazing product”

DJ Oil


“Cross DJ is very instinctive and provides a great track incrementation. Effects are interesting and allow flawless creativity without loosing sight on your mix. High-quality sound here, not badly compressed like other softwares would do. Anyway, I suggest to any DJ to give Cross DJ a try!

Tido Berman


“Cross DJ is an easily accessible software that I use to remix tracks I love when performing in clubs”