About Mixvibes

Mixvibes was founded in 1999 by Eric Guez in Paris, France

First release

In 2003, the first version of the famous Digital Vinyl System software (Mixvibes DVS) was released. The revolutionary system enabled users to mix and scratch digital files with timecoded vinyl and CD with any ASIO soundcard. With the feedback and advice from the best DJs and scratch champions in the world, DVS Pro was created and subsequently released in 2005 with top notch innovative features.


Along the years, Mixvibes has pursued its innovation focused strategy, investing in audio research and development on products like the VFX Control, a video solution to mix video like music. It then launched Cross DJ, a cutting-edge cross platform, cross technology DJ software. The first aim of Cross DJ was not to add complex features but to reintegrate DJs’ music as the centerpiece of his performance. Rewritten from scratch, the latest version of Cross DJ brings Mixvibes’ know-how and experience to MacOSX and Windows users. DJs can now control video at their fingertips, sample their music and use VST instruments.

Mobile apps and new products

Since 2012, Mixvibes has released critically acclaimed apps such as Cross DJ and Remixlive, allowing DJs and producers to create everywhere. In early 2017, the product range has been completed with Remixvideo, an intuitive VJ software that can also be used as a plugin with one’s favorite DAW. Since 1999, Mixvibes’ products have been used by over 10 millions DJs and musicians worldwide thanks to you. We are very happy to receive advice, feedback and ideas from you on your ideal future digital DJing!