An iPad showing Remixlive's Loop ModeAn iPad showing Remixlive's Loop Mode
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This is an image of Remixlive working on 3 different devices. A Laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone.This is an image of Remixlive working on 3 different devices. A Laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone.

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On smartphone, tablet & desktop

Making music on mobile and desktop has never been easier!

This new music creation tool features a professional drum pad, looper, sequencer & song mode perfect for both live performance and musical composition.

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Play with loops synced to the tempo on a 8x6 grid

Sequence symbol


Create your sequences using your own patterns

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Perform live drums for your creations

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Song Mode

Arrange samples to create your own track

Remixlive's Loop View

Play loops, in sync

Everything you need, from launching fully-synced loops to adding FX, packed in an all-in-one remix app. Create rich and layered tracks all in Remixlive using the multiple playmode.

Remixlive integrates seamless time-stretching that makes it possible to bring together samples from many different sources, including 300+ pro sample packs available in the app.

Remixlive's Sequencer View

Create your sequences

This new feature allows us to offer everyone the possibility to create their own patterns, making more complex music and stepping up their game by evolving their style.

Remixlive's Drum View

Drum along to your creations

Finger drum in real time using one-shot samples, whether you play on a mobile device or a computer with/without a controller. Record sounds and build patterns thanks to a loop based sequencer with overdub.

The finger drumming grid allows for spontaneous creation of drum patterns and melodies, all backed by a powerful engine ensuring low latency on most devices.

Remixlive's Song Mode

Arrange and share your tracks

The Song Mode lets you accurately edit individual samples’ length, BPM and ADSR. Once edited, sounds imported from the library or recorded with the microphone become the basis of new compositions.

Upload your recordings to SoundCloud or share them easily to your friends and family via email or any number of messaging apps. Remixlive for iOS also takes advantage of the extensive sharing capabilities of the iOS platform, such as Open in, Files or AudioShare.

Remixlive's loop grid with an FX active

Pro-grade FXs

Shape and resample your sound in real-time with Pro-grade FXs.

From a dreamy delay to a massively impactful distortion, you are sure to find the best way to liven up your tracks!

Some of FX included are: Woosh, Delay, Filter, Band Crusher, Distortion and so much more!

Live set feature of Remixlive

Mix Soundpacks together in a Live Set

The Live set mode allows you to seamlessly switch between two packs on the fly while keeping loops playing for continuous play.

Mix Soundpacks together from a variety of different genres, always synced to the same Key and BPM.

A screenshot showing the keymatching interface with the Camelot wheel.

Remix and Play in Tune

Remixlive's Key Matching feature automatically adjusts the key of samples and loops to match the project's overall musical key, ensuring seamless and harmonious mixes with a single tap.

Remixlive's AI Remix stem extraction process

Remix any song with AI Remix

Thanks to artificial intelligence you can extract stems (vocals, drums, bass and instruments) from any audio file (MP3, WAV, etc.)

Tweak & remix the stems easily to create your own track!

Access over 300+ Royalty-Free sample packs

Browse our constantly evolving 30000+ Pro-grade Samples and Loops collection from renowned Artists and world class Sound designers in 25+ genres!

A couple of Remixlive soundpacks available in the appAll packs

Artists that love Remixlive


“I integrated Remixlive to my DJ sets and it offers a lot of creative potential. I would suggest Remixlive to any artist out there, because it’s very simple, you can create a lot of fun and inspiring things!”

Photo of T78

Nadia Struiwigh

“The new update completes Remixlive as a full external software / hardware drum computer. I would recommend this app for all level of electronic producers.”

Photo of Nadia Struiwigh

Baja Frequencia

“Remixlive combines a simple, intuitive interface with a large selection of sound edition options, a true pocket-size sound editing software.”

Photo of Baja Frenquencia

Sisko Electrofanatik

“Great app! Easy and very interesting for those who use the techno pack! Only Bombs!”

Photo of Sisko Electrofanatik

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5 Star rating

Monster of an app!! I'm able to use my tablet, and my phone using Ableton link  and I also have it going while mixing with my DDJ-SB2. Looking forward to future updates, packs, options, etc.

Christian Castillo
5 Star rating

Greatly simple and simply great! I've been listening to my songs more than the actual music I've got in my playlist!

5 Star rating

Adorably simple. Open up, push clearly labeled buttons and you're off. Half hour passes before you get out of the groove.

James Logue