"I would suggest Remixlive to any artist out there, because it’s very simple [...]"

Guilty Simpson

"Great software that I recommend to anyone!"


"My pack for Remixlive is a mix of different things and styles that I like to do and produce!"


"Remixlive is very effective and robust for live situations."


"I discovered a perfectly thought out and clear interface with Remixlive."

Sisko Electrofanatik

"Easy and very interesting [...]"

Azido 88

"Remixlive is perfect for finger drumming, production, and live performance on the go."

Nadia Struiwigh

"The new sequencer works like magic."

Tido Berman

"I use Cross DJ to remix tracks I love when performing in clubs!"

Baja Frequencia

"Remixlive combines a simple and intuitive interface with a large panel of sound edition option, a real pocket handed sound creation software."


"Remixlive is an intuitive and powerful tool to create and play music"


"Rap Maker is so much fun [...]"

Chalk Dinosaur

"The thing that I enjoy about Remixlive is being able to quickly try lots of different sound and rhythm combinations."

Tom Leclerc

"I really enjoyed working with Remixlive."


"Remixlive is very simple and efficient."

La Phaze

"We are really excited to introduce our very first sample pack released in collaboration with Mixvibes."


"It was quite an interesting experience[...]"

Kool Trasher

"Rapmaker is a great for all singers/rappers that wish to record themselves with a wide range of beats."


"What I really like about this app is that it gives me ideas with samples I have, that I’ll be able to use in order to build a track live[...]"

Dorian Parano

"I loved playing with Remixlive!"