Baja Frequencia

(Chinese Man Records)

“Remixlive is a joyfull tool that you can use evreywhere to test quickly ideas for remixes and live set. It combines a simple and intuitive interface with a large panel of sound edition option, a real pocket handed sound creation software.”

In February 2019, for the 15th years anniversary of CMR (Chinese Man Records), three groups (Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia) stood back for a while in the mountains to compose musical pieces together. The Groove Sessions Vol.5. Main idea for this new project was to mix styles and inspirations of the 3 bands by focusing on spontaneity of their productions. In a bit less than 10 days, 18 tracks are composed... 6 months later, 15 pieces are finally retained in this new album reflecting this exclusive combo of artists : the trip-hop of Chinese Man mixes with the tropical influences of Baja Frequencia and sprinkled with the incredible scratchs skills of Scratch Bandits Crew.

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