The foundation
Logo of MIXVIBES, featuring a series of white circles arranged in a triangular play button pattern on the left and the stylized text 'MIXVIBES' in bold white capital letters, set against a transparent background.
Mixvibes began in 1995 when CEO Eric Guez envisioned innovative software inspired by the evolving landscape of computer audio and DJing. This vision materialized into two groundbreaking products:

- A digital DJing solution offering unprecedented control.

- A loop launcher for creating music with unmatched immediacy through synchronized loops.


The inception
Screenshot of the Mixvibes Pro software interface displaying multiple decks with various controls for mixing and applying effects. Each deck includes volume sliders, EQ knobs, and buttons for play, pause, and other functions, designed for professional DJ mixing and performance.
Mixvibes, the DJing software, began development in 1997 and was released in July 1999 for Windows. Simultaneously, the loop launcher  LoopTrax, debuted in 1999, predating Ableton's Live by two years. In the absence of prevalent grid controllers, loops were launched via a piano keyboard interface, customizable with a Winamp-style skin system.
Screenshot of old music production software featuring a virtual keyboard with piano keys and various controls. The interface includes colorful pads, knobs for adjusting parameters, and a row of virtual faders at the bottom, designed for composing and editing music tracks


The breakthough
In 2003, they introduced the first Mixvibes version with Digital Vinyl System (DVS), allowing DJs to connect any vinyl turntable for a digital experience mimicking vinyl DJing without the hassle of physical records. Simultaneously, Mixvibes entered the consumer market with Hercules, releasing the first mass-market DJ controller in 2003.
Cross DJ kit featuring a laptop running the Cross DJ software with waveform views and track library, a DVS (Digital Vinyl System) interface box, two vinyl records, and CDs. This professional DJ setup allows for seamless integration of digital music with traditional vinyl control, designed for advanced mixing and performance.


Leading innovation
Screenshot of DJ software displaying multiple decks with waveform views in blue and yellow, control panels with various mixing options, and a comprehensive track library. The interface includes volume sliders, EQ knobs, cue points, and other functionalities designed for professional DJ mixing and performance
Continuing software refinement, Mixvibes reached a peak with Mixvibes Producer 5 in 2005, featuring up to 16 players, a sampler, effects, automatic looping, 4-deck DVS compatibility, and video mixing. This innovation paved the way for Cross 1.0 in 2007, Mixvibes' flagship digital DJing app, available on both PC and Mac.
Cross Pack bundle showcasing Mixvibes' Cross 1.0 digital DJing app, which was released in 2007 and is available on both PC and Mac. The setup includes a laptop running the software with waveform views and track library, a DVS interface box, two vinyl records, and CDs, highlighting the innovative integration of digital music with traditional vinyl control for professional DJ performances


Pioneer's Rekordbox
Pioneer logotype
Pioneer took notice of the company's success, prompting a 2009 collaboration for a specialized software. Mixvibes created and launched the first version of Rekordbox, which has since become the standard for the latest CDJ models. This collaboration led to several years of joint efforts on the Rekordbox project.
Screenshot of the Pioneer Rekordbox software, developed in collaboration with Mixvibes and launched in 2009. The interface displays a track waveform, playback controls, and a detailed track library with information on title, artist, album, genre, duration, size, file type, rating, and album art. This software has become the standard for the latest CDJ models, demonstrating the success of the collaboration between Pioneer and Mixvibes.


DJ Controllers
Expanding into DJ controllers, Mixvibes collaborated with Hercules and later Vestax. This culminated in the 2011 release of the U-Mix Control Pro—a dedicated controller bundled with Cross DJ. It catered to both beginners and professionals, and thousands were sold alongside the U44 sound card and VFX Control.
Top view of a professional DJ controller with two jog wheels, numerous knobs, buttons, and faders, including a central mixer section. The controller features various controls for mixing and applying effects, designed for advanced DJ performances


Going Mobile
Sensing a shift, Mixvibes made a forward-looking move in 2012 by launching their flagship Cross DJ app on iOS. A year later, Cross DJ expanded to Android, a rare move due to the platform's challenges for audio software developers. In 2013, the collaboration with Pioneer concluded, marking a new chapter for Mixvibes.
Cross DJ app displayed on three devices: a smartphone, a tablet in landscape mode, and a tablet in portrait mode. The app shows a DJ mixing interface with two tracks, one in orange and one in blue, featuring vinyl record graphics, waveform views, and various controls for mixing and effects. This image demonstrates the app's compatibility and functionality across multiple device sizes and orientations


Disrupting Mobile
Driven by digital DJing triumphs, Mixvibes pursued its goal of turning DJs into producers. Launched in 2016 for iOS and Android, Remixlive aimed to make music creation accessible to many, building on the LoopTrax concept. Quickly embraced for its simplicity and quality sample packs, it became a household name on both platforms.
Early version of the Remixlive app displayed on a smartphone and a tablet, showing a grid of sound pads labeled with different samples. The interface includes controls for recording, playback, and effects, demonstrating the app's functionality for creating and mixing music on multiple devices.


Infinite possibilities
Remixlive now boasts advanced features like Finger-Drumming, a Sequencer, and a Live Keyboard. It’s expanding sound pack catalog reflects Mixvibes' commitment to quality. Cross DJ Mobile thrives with crucial updates. As Mixvibes nears its 20th year, celebrations are set for late 2023, marking two decades of legacy and a global vision.
Person using the Remixlive app on a tablet, showing a grid of colorful sound pads for triggering loops and samples. The app interface includes a touch-sensitive XY pad for real-time effects control, demonstrating its capabilities for live music performance and remixing.
Stay tuned
The future is bright