"I discovered a perfectly thought out and clear interface with Remixlive. Whether you are new to music or already experienced, the app offers the possibility to immerse yourself in beatmaking from the first minutes of use. The colorful visuals as well as the clarity of the workflow brings a fluidity in creation which seems very inspiring to me for the user accustomed to DAWs, but also very motivating for a beginner wishing to learn how to compose and to understand the cogs and structure of a track."

Nhyx is an independent electronic music composer from Paris. Lover of classical music before he met electronic and 90's House / Techno scene, he approaches his compositions as real sound travels. Playing with his synths and keyboards as main instruments through his melodic journey, he propels us somewhere out of time, in a world of his own, both melodious and percussive, populated by haunting melodies and tasty vintage quotes. Always looking for alternative music with both poetic and quirky influences, he has created his own universe at the crossroad of many genres, sometimes flirting with Lo-fi / Indie House and Electronica, sometimes swinging between Retro Waves and Deep-Tech. His next live articulated around his first album "Atlas" and his new project "Zephyr", will focus on his keyboards solos, pads and other sequencers.

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