Tom Leclerc

(Giraffe Tapes)

"I really enjoyed working with Remixlive. I was able to create a small soundscape by combining the sounds of my synthesizers and my field recordings. The app makes it very easy to create your own sound universes and push them to their limits. I am very happy to share my secret garden with all Remixlive users."

Tom Leclerc is a French improviser and composer of contemporary music. With his modular synthesizer and his piano, he creates ambient, minimalist and impressionist electronic music designed for meditation through sound.

Tom first learned the piano through traditional training, then began to use synthesizers and more recently jumped into modular. More recently he’s been challenging himself by filming musical performances in new places, a logistical and physical challenge that took him to the top of mountains and to the edge of the ocean. As such he can be closer to what inspires him most: nature. Tom Leclerc, nicknamed the "ambient hiker", transports us to his world of pastoral electronic music, filled with meditative and repetitive, hypnotizing melodies. Each one of his musical pieces is unique and composed in a particular setting, like recently with the album "On The Leaves" which was performed and recorded in the forests of Cantal in France.

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