La Phaze


"We are really excited to introduce our very first sample pack released in collaboration with Mixvibes."

When uncompromising lyrics with chiseled sonorities meet the velocity of urban music and the organic sound of reggae-dub instruments, the result is La Phaze. A hybrid and powerful mix that gave birth to Pungle - a blend of punk-rock and jungle - at the dawn of the 2000s. The original duo (Damny writes the lyrics, both Arnaud and Damny work on the songwriting) has been joined in the studio and on stage by the talented sound-designer Speaker Louis, explorer of the London underground scenes. A return to the basics for La Phaze that is now focusing on the electronic side of bass music, after a more radical shift to punk-rock. With a backbone of powerful guitars and energetic trap or drum & bass beats, the eleven tracks of the LP are as many calls to resilience and collective awareness despite the tremors of our time.

Even though the members of La Phaze express their stories with resolute lucidity, the group never resorts to cynical observation or renunciation. Advocating for a joyful pugnacity and a fighting spirit, they call for both resisting and dancing. Their legendary energy that can be witnessed  on stage, in small French cities and all over the world, as their performances always result in a unique physical interaction between the band and the audience. With an atmosphere of popular connection in a punk-rock spirit, passivity is prohibited.

On the album and on the road, La Phaze cultivates musical relationships and collaborations. With songs featuring Niko, from the French punk-rock band Tagada Jones, or the Spanish reggae MC Lasai, the band demonstrates its international scope as its members are currently spread out between France, England and Spain.

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