(Fever Recordings)

"Remixlive is an intuitive and powerful tool to create and play music"

BFVR is a new ambitious and determined talent from France. Influenced by electronic music at the age of 15, he has been travelling festivals and music events, being inspired by various artists of the electronic scene (Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero, Tensal...) to conceive a powerful hypnotic and mesmerizing techno. His music is presented as a universe composed of mysterious and haunting melodies on a dark and rythmic techno base.

His hard work allowed him to join the famous collective “Tapage
Nocturne” as a resident. He performed in different countries
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, USA...) and signs on
worldwide techno labels including Dolma Records, Eclipse
Recordings, KR records, Renesanz, Reload Black & many others...

He also launched his own label "Fever Recordings" to release original
and quality hypnotic Techno productions.

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