Annie Hall

(20:20 Vision, D1 Recordings, Central Processing Unit)

DJ and producer Annie Hall has been steadily carving a name for herself as an artist who enjoys diversity. Born and bred in Spain, Annie started her life as a DJ in 2003, having had her first encounter with vinyl when she was a kid because her brother is a reggae, dubs and roots DJ in Spain.

With a long time passion for music and a love of experimenting with new sounds Annie isn’t constrained by the same boundaries as others. Producing since 2005, she has released on labels such as Blank Code, Flash Recordings, Semantica Records, CPU records, D1 Recordings and Detroit Underground Recordings. ‘I love creating music from raw synthesis and get unique sounds, sometimes really interesting ones.’

With an eclectic taste in music, Annie creates music across the electronic spectrum, from tracks that are experimental taking the listener on a more complex journey, to tracks that take you straight to the dance floor. Her tracks have a feeling of intensity with dark brooding twists while being intertwined with melodies that give them warmth and keep you firmly on the dance floor.

Annie now calls Windsor in Canada home having recently relocated there from Spain. On the border with the US, just a river separates her home from the Motor City, and with downtown Detroit only five minutes away in a car Annie draws inspiration from the surrounding differing cultures. ‘It’s really interesting. There are a lot of creative people over here, on both sides.’

Being so close to Detroit has also allowed her to forge close ties with the music community there, becoming part of Detroit Underground. A multidisciplinary arts collective, it functions ‘primarily as a label dedicated to bridging the gap of modern experimental music and Detroit techno.’

Also a self-professed vinyl lover, Annie runs RVSD – a record cutting company operated with her partner Keko. Collecting records since a child, her passion for vinyl took her to Germany to get training and buy the cutting machine. They now help others to indulge in their passion, not only creating records for Detroit Underground but also one off special editions for presents or personal collections.

Garnering recognition for her unique expression, in recent years Annie has played at Sonar Festival, Detroit Movement Festival and Dommunie in Tokyo. Her DJ sets are tinged with darkness but have a strong Detroit techno feeling with a dynamic vibe.

Always intensively inventive, Annie’s Halls ability to take the listener on a musical journey can only get more exciting and expressive.