(Superpose Studio)

"It was quite an interesting experience because it's very different from creating a track."

More than ten years since Faubourg collaborates internationally with directors, agencies and events (Cartier, Boucheron, Brooklyn Council of Art, UNESCO world heritage, Armani, Kenzo, Lacoste, Galeries Lafayette, Fête des Lumières of Lyon, ARTE creative) .

He is involved in all the spectrums of musical creation (live, performing arts, films, commercials). After years sailing between Melbourne and Montreal, Vincent moved back to Paris with his singular experience of composition and new desires. Faubourg’s music is about sounds landscapes, organic and electronic maelstrom, multiple influences: an acidulated mix of down tempo, electronic music and abstrackt influences. Strings and keyboard blend to create a sound universe shared between classical harmonies and shameless rhythmic.  His songs conveys a contained rage in a constant link with cinematic atmospheres. Diving into the Faubourg’s universe is as physical as charming.

Faubourg’s pack named “Abstrakt Cinematic” ventures into new electronic lands: This pack is an addition of cinematographic strings, analogic synths and powerful beat.

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