Dj Oil

(The Troublemakers - R&S, Blue Note, BBE)

“Cross DJ is very instinctive and provides a great track incrementation… it allows flawless creativity without losing sight of your mix. I suggest any DJ to give Cross DJ a try!”

Lionel Corsini (aka DJ Oil) was born on September 5, 1971 in Marseille. He grew up in the "Belle de Mai" district. He discovered music at a very young age with his father, a docker, record collector and former DJ. Since the age of 15, he takes part in wild and official raves. At 17, he became resident DJ of the "trolley bus" club in Marseille under the name of DJ Oil. For a long time he has hosted a show on Radio Grenouille.

Composer, musician (bass, drums, keyboards), producer, festival programmer and DJ, his music evolves between funk, jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, latino, electro and acid jazz.

Lionel Corsini is the founder of the group Troublemakers with Fred Berthet and Arnaud Taillefer, whom he met at the "Friche Belle de Mai".

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