How to make Heavy Dubstep songs with Remixlive app

Remixlive: New Heavy Dubstep Soundpack

How to Produce Heavy Dubstep Tracks Using Remixlive

Heavy dubstep is a sub-genre of electronic dance music characterized by its aggressive soundscapes, slamming half-time drums, blistering full-range bass growls, and intricate rhythms. For those looking to produce heavy dubstep tracks, keep reading: we will guide you through the essentials of crafting your own heavy dubstep using the music-making app Remixlive and the new sample pack “Heavy Dubstep”.

Getting Started with Remixlive 

Remixlive is a user-friendly DJ app that allows you to create music by combining various loops and samples. Here's how to get started: 

1. Download and Install: First, download Remixlive from your app store and install it on your device. 

2. Explore Sample Packs: Remixlive offers a wide range of sample packs tailored for different genres. For heavy dubstep, look for packs featuring half-time drums, blistering full-range bass growls, modulated laser sweeps, clattering snares and massive zap kicks, alarms and jagged alert signals. 

3. Load Your Samples: Download your chosen soundpacks from the app. May we suggest the Panic Riddim pack, the Mid Tempo EDM pack, or the brand new Heavy Dubstep pack? The latest just came out!.

Playing with the Heavy Dubstep soundpack

Concocted by renowned twisted dubstep specialist Wodd, the new Heavy Dusbstep soundpack is full of pure manic energy. Inspired by Excision, Wooli, Kompany, and Samplifire, it is everything you need to create brutal, haunting tracks.

Creating Face-Melting Tracks

1. Build Your Drum Foundation: Start with slamming half-time percussion to lay down a solid foundation, and add clanking snares and powerful zap beats to add complexity and punch.

2. Add Bass Elements: Next, focus on the bass. Incorporate full-range bass growls to create a powerful low-end. Experiment with different modulations and distortions to achieve the desired intensity.

3. Incorporate Effects: Use modulated laser sweeps and sharp warning sounds to add texture and movement to your track. These elements will help maintain energy and keep listeners engaged.

4. Layer Additional Sounds: Add alarms and other high-frequency elements to fill out the sound spectrum. Layering these sounds strategically can enhance the overall impact of your track.

5. Mix and Master: Finally, use Remixlive's mixing tools to balance your track. Pay attention to the levels of each element and ensure your mix is clean and powerful.

Producing heavy dubstep requires a keen ear for detail and a solid understanding of sound design. With Remixlive by MixVibes, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to bring your musical ideas to life. By utilizing the right sample packs and following the steps outlined above, you will be well on your way to creating bone-rattling tracks.

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