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Introducing Cross DJ

Experience a simple and intuitive version of the DJ software you already know and love. Cross DJ is the mobile version of
our premium DJ software available on iOS, Android.

BPM Detection

Cross DJ automatically detects & syncs your tracks to the set BPM

Playlist Creation

Retrieve your tracks & create playlists directly from your device

Key Detection

Cross DJ detects the key of your tracks to facilitate your mix

Precise EQs

Cross DJ Free comes with a 3-Band Equalizer to help you generate precise transitions

BPM Detection & Sync

Thanks to a powerful BPM detection algorithm, Cross DJ finds the BPM of your tracks and syncs them. You can also adjust the beatgrid for tracks with irregular BPM.

Pro Key Detection

Cross DJ provides full control over the key of your tracks with Key detection & Key matching. Quickly visualize compatible tracks to create smooth harmonic mixes.

Precise Mix Control

Cross DJ’s waveform view provides a visual representation of the audio track. It allows DJs to analyze the song’s structure, identify key elements, and synchronize tracks.

Pro grade FX and EQ

Cross DJ's pro-grade FX and EQ offer DJs advanced and precise control over their sound. Craft dynamic and immersive performances with ease.

Creative & Easy Looping

With Cross DJ's loop mode, you can easily set and fine-tune loops on the fly. Create seamless transitions and build exciting, layered mixes.

Play with 200+ Samples

Cross DJ’s 200+ samples provide a diverse and customizable library of sounds to enhance your mixes. Add unique textures, fills, and effects to your performances.

Unlimited Sources

Import your tracks from the cloud and create sets with your own personal touch.

Simple Playlist Creation

Cross DJ integrates directly with your device. Retrieve your music collection and create playlists easily. Find what you played last night in the history section.

Artists & Press about Cross DJ


“I have been using Cross DJ on stage for well over ten years. It’s a very reliable software, and helps me grow my skills as a DJ […]. Thanks Mixvibes”

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Digital Dj Tips

“Capable, professional & versatile”

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“Beyond what is available in other competitive packages”

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5 Star rating

Its the best dj app I've ever used!

Jaydin Arison
5 Star rating

Better than all I have used before, user friendly and easy to automate.

Dan Kimbowa
5 Star rating

Perfect for me, I no longer use any heavy space taking equipment. No records needed. Just me and my phone. Best out of all other similar apps.

Fala Alaoopa