New features, endless creativity 🎶 - Remixlive 7.2

Remixlive 7.2 is here! This new update is focused on improving the stability and usability of the app, but boasts a couple of new features as well as user interface tweaks and improvements.

The main new feature allows to replace any pad with a host of different options for sound creation, all with just a single tap, this can mean anything from:

• Replacing any sound with input from the device microphone, a sound card or an Audiobus recording (iOS only)

• Replacing any sample on any pad with any other sample from the library

• Replacing any pad with a single audio file import

Following this, you can now also reorganize your grids through simple drag and drop. And finally you can use the Master Recording to resample any sound inside the app.

We have also redesigned the menus to offer an ever more intuitive and accessible experience to all.

We have created a video outlining all these new features and tweaks in more detail, that you can take a look at below:

We're looking forward to see what you can create with Remixlive 7.2!