Angular IDM - nu.wav

Explore the kaleidoscope of IDM ⚛️

For their latest Remixlive exclusive pack, maverick NYC-based studio nu.wav offer us something completely different with our first proper IDM pack!

Inspired by the glitchier, edgier end of the late 1990s IDM movement, with updated production flair, Angular IDM offers uncharted vistas for you to explore: dynamic broken kick/snare combos and billowy basslines are juxtaposed against a diverse array of sounds, from swirling spacious pads, willowed chords, crystalline plucks or clinky synths that all offer myriad of detail in their timbre and textures. A pack full of nooks and crannies to explore for hours on end!

If you’re after a unique sonic experience make sure to check out this one by clicking the download button below, and check out our Microhouse pack as well as our artist pack by Annie Hall for more leftfield sounds…

Original photographs by Joel Filipe (@joelfilip) and Ricardo Gomez Angel (@rgaleriacom), processed at Mixvibes HQ

Available on Remixlive!
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