Arabic Trap

Mystifying beats from the Orient 🌙

Get transported to the land of the thousand and one nights by these bewitching Trap beats, inspired by the mysterious beauty of arabic traditional music.

Get your hands over 48 carefully sound-designed loops including dope Trap drum beats, heavy 808 basslines and mesmerizing melodies performed with traditional arabic instruments such as the zurna, ney and saz. For you finger-drummers and beatmakers, the sample pack also includes 48 one-shots to perform and compose beats on the sequencer. Once your set and done, arrange everything at will on the Song mode's timeline to produce your first Arabic Trap track!

Hit the download button now and don't forget to check out our other related sample packs such as Arabic Trance, Oriental Techno, Japanese Trap and more!

Available on Remixlive!
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