Indie Electro Funk

Smooth funk from Chalk Dinosaur 🕺

Chalk Dinosaur's new exclusive pack for Remixlive showcases his artistic vision, smooth electronic funk that will make you want to put on your best disco suit…

Blending the classic rhythm guitars and bass guitars that we're used to in classic funk and disco productions, with modern polish added on in the form of light airy synths and tight drum production, this pack seeks to make modern funk a reality. Add to this beautiful crisp (sometimes vocodered) vocals and you'll find you're hearing a great update to those 1970s sounds!

So tap that download button to be the light of the party, and make sure to take a listen to Chalk Sonics' (Chalk Dinosaur's studio) Palmtree Wave pack, and our Synth Funk pack for more!

Available on Remixlive!
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