Chase Techno - BFractal Music

Techno to leave you out of breath 🏃

Going from strength to strength, BFractal Music are back to Remixlive with their bread and butter: tough no-nonsense dancefloor tools. This is Chase Techno 🔦

With its abundance of snaking synth bass, droning background fills, menacing leads and tactical-enhanced kick drums, this pack has all the nuts and bolts you need to bolster any techno set or production. The general feeling of dread gives you an adrenaline rush, frantically looking over your shoulder while your heart pounds in your chest … or maybe you’re just dancing until your feet are sore.

Be sure to smash the download button for your techno fix, and for more, check out our Ultraviolet Techno pack and BFractal’s previous offering, Xposed Techno!

Photograph by Melyna Valle – @melynavv

Available on Remixlive!
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