Cosmic Elevation - nu.wav

An interstellar invitation from nu.wav 🌌

Remixlive is proud to introduce "Cosmic Elevation", our first pack from NYC-based sample pack label nu.wav! This unique collection of electronic sounds is unlike anything else in our catalogue, a fleet-footed, bubbly and mind-expanding synth-driven exploration of colorful beats and groovy melodies.

About the Studio: "nu.wav is a NYC-based sound design house crafting forward-thinking, industry-friendly samples. We are a diverse collective of producers, musicians and sound designers embedded in various corners of the New York live and recorded music scenes —from hip-hop and r&b to pop, rock, house, electronic, experimental, punk and jazz. Our goal is not only to make uniquely interesting sounds but also to inspire and empower those who may not have the confidence or access they need to build their craft as music-makers, and to better equip them to express themselves through sonic media, thereby amplifying underrepresented perspectives. This sample pack is made by Alejandro Vega, a Nicaraguan musician, music producer, mixer and sound designer based in Berlin. He likes to work on interdisciplinary juxtapositions to explore multi-layered and immersive experiences.

"The 96 samples of Cosmic Elevation were crafted using "synthesizer emulations from the 1980s like the Roland Juno and the Minimoog." Alejandro from nu.wav describes it as "revolving around lush and edgy synths, punchy drums, groovy basslines and memorable textures." And once you have completed this voyage to the stars, make sure to check out the other packs in our Studio series!

Available on Remixlive!
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