Damage Hip-Hop

Break through the barrier ⛓️

In the long tradition of hip-hop there are countless different strands, and here we’re returning to the land of gruff, gritty boom-bap beats with Damage Hip-Hop!

Heavy thudding kick drums and paranoid percussion scatter dust around a landscape of sweaty, suffocating city atmospheres personified in the form of clammy, sinewing synth lines lost in oodles of reverb, lonely arpeggios and ghostly, imperceptible vocal hits. The deep and sometimes growling bass lines provide the perfect counterpoint, grounding the rest of the instrumentation with its strength.

The journey’s about to get real, so strap in and tap the download button below to turn the key! And for more rough hip-hop beats check out our previous Raw Hip-Hop and Twisted Hip-Hop packs…

Photograph by Paul Volkmer – @laup

Available on Remixlive!
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