Deep Electronica

Synth landscapes abound in this chill pack 🏞

Cinematic vistas and chilled out grooves await you in this new pack, a trip to alien landscapes and cybernetic forests, riding on the back of a ceramic white hovercraft! For fans of Tycho and Jon Hopkins…

Within this Deep Electronica pack you will find guitar and piano melodies paired with ethereal chords and vaporous vocals, all underpinned by a steady and smooth bed of round kick drums and discreet percussion. The 48 loops and one shots of this pack have everything you need to create the atmosphere of distant lands filled with unknown creatures, mysterious woods and gorgeous causeways extending into the sea. All the elements are there, from soulful grooves to driving buildups, all while remaining in the same enveloping mood.

Now it's your turn to create your own chilled out electronica with this pack, and if you dug it be sure to check out our other packs Future Chillstep and Deep Techno!

Available on Remixlive!
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