Deep Soundscape

Boundless cinematic atmospheres 🌌

Vast snowy plains, evergreen trees and inky blue lakes in sound form are some of the elements that you’ll encounter in this lavish cinematic pack…

Deep Soundscape is a collection of sonic vistas full of detail, from serene washes of synth chords and filtered pink noise, through holographic chittering percussive textures and gently propulsive breakbeat rhythms, to watery bells and clanging melodic lines. The overall feel is of a contemplative, solitary romp through uncommon natural terrain, and resourceful isolation from the bustle of street life.

If you’re looking for a unique relaxing experience then tap the download button right here, and for more, check out our Earth Ambient pack by Tom Leclerc and our Deep Electronica pack!

Photograph by Alev Takil – @alevisionco

Available on Remixlive!
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