Deepnosis - BFractal Music

Stare deep into the spiral 🌀

Returning to Remixlive for their fifth exclusive sample pack, powerhouse studio BFractal Music offers another fresh take on the genres we love: this is Deepnosis ꩜

Taking strands from deep techno, progressive house, ambient and big room, this pack includes the clear, punchy and heady drums we’ve come to know from the studio, augmented by hints of groovy percussion, framing a hodgepodge of cosmic synth touches, otherworldly leads and fathoms-deep ethereal pads. The central characteristic are the loops having this mantra-like, hypnotic quality that’s hard to pin down.

For your next absorbing and enlightening techno production, you’d do well to click the download button on this beauty, and make sure to check out our previous Chase Techno and Ultraviolet Techno packs for more!

Original artwork by Daria Durand – @dariadurand

Available on Remixlive!
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