Detroit Techno

Delve into the Motor City sounds 🏙

For their fourth Remixlive-exclusive sample pack, IQSounds decided to go back to the very roots of Techno with a pack paying tribute to the innovators of the Detroit sound.

Delivering a fast-paced no-nonsense selection of loops, IQSounds used all the classic sounds associated to the city of Detroit: driving 909 patterns, sinewave basslines augmented by 303 squelch, reverberated icy synth chords, all ruled by an impeccable sense of groove. If you've ever loved tracks by Robert Hood, Joey Beltram or K-Hand you'll be right at home here.

So if you feel ready to party with a faithful tribute to the Detroit soul, hit the download button, then check out our Driving Techno and Peak Time Techno packs for more 4/4 fire!

Available on Remixlive!
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