Downtown Bass House

Coming straight from the sweaty and smoke-filled clubs of downtown, this pack is bound to turn heads and make people lose it on the dancefloor, watch out đź‘€

Party-ready metallic synth hits, anthemic stabs, claps that slap and kicks that will knock you flat: this Downtown Bass House pack is tailor-made to be played on a big PA with decadent amounts of skull-vibrating bass and a liberal helping of dense colorful fog from a smoke machine. Among those 48 loops and one shots you are bound to find all you need to kick the club up a notch, so keep the pressure on!

Ready to take this night to the next level? Then hit that download button and check out our 1AM Techno and Bass House Vol.2 packs for more floor-filling goodness…

Photograph by Camila Fernández – @camibf

Available on Remixlive!
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