A dynamic musical playground - Nadia Struiwigh


For as long as she can remember, Nadia's head has been lost in music, floating on melodies, analyzing sounds and trying to understand why it has such a profound impact on us. She felt it was her call to take it to the next level. "Life is like a melody to me, a harmony. I really can't express myself with words so music is my main language" she says. Since 2009 she has been making music like some people write a diary - daily sessions to capture what she is feeling at any given time. As long as the ideas flow freely, she continues to make tracks that are often steeped in distortion, with occult lullabies, crunchy textures and a melancholic air.
Making music is a way for her to reset and clear her mind. Sharing it is a way to find out if other people feel the same way and understand the hidden messages within it.

"Discover Downtempo Electronica and Hypnotic Techno sounds from my studio hardware that will lead you to a dynamic musical playground. These diverse samples will translate different moods and vibes, and will remain interesting every time you play them. By layering the frequencies from each sample you can create your own story, and keep it mysterious to yourself and to your listener.

Tweak around with the effects from the crunchy one-shots, they will add a Sci-Fi atmosphere to the drum loops. Enjoy!" - Nadia Struiwigh

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