Ethereal Trap

Step into the smoke 💨

Clicking hats and icy synth stabs align in this otherworldly Ethereal Trap pack that promises to be the perfect backdrop to your next cloudy beat…

Full of expansive sheets of scratched glass pads and woozy synth leads, awash in a layer of nylon gauze, this pack perfectly captures the current wave of dreamlike glacial instrumentals in cloud trap. The drums feel like classic trap with a mix of rolling snares, shifting hi-hats and heavy 808 hits, with plenty of sub-bass energy to keep the dancers moving with their heads in the haze.

If you’re down to check out the slower, luminescent and mysterious side of trap, then tap the download button now, and check out our Hazy Trap and Atmospheric Trap packs for more!

Photograph by Salvatore Tonnara – @salvatoretonnara

Available on Remixlive!
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