Festival Psytrance

Your own private psytrance festival 🌀

Crafted with the specific intent to recreate the atmosphere of a busy mainstage event, Festival Psytrance is a psychedelic trip that will leave you wanting for more!

True to the giants of the genre like Astrix and Vegas, this psytrance pack features all the highlights you’ve come to expect from the style: driving, pounding kick and bassline combos, intense yet airy leads, plenty of acid licks, gated synths, and outsized textures providing a true sense of depth, like being in an enormous crowd surrounded by thousands of dancers sharing the experience in unison.

If you’re ready to recreate the intense buildups and oh-so-satisfying drops that will allow you to craft a powerful psytrance performance, hit the download button, and check out our Progressive Psytrance and Techno Trance packs for more!

Original photograph by John Thomas – @capturelight

Available on Remixlive!
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